Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moving Right Along--

Very soon, my dear loyal followers, you'll start getting barraged by a whole NEW Volume of the Apathetic Avengers! 

We're on the fine editing portion and I'm gonna make sure that you can stop hearing about Volume 1, and start getting bombarded by Volume 2: Welcome to Downing City. 

The Apathetic Avengers are starting to figure out their team dynamic-- as well meeting some of the Big Bad Villains that rule in Downing City. 

... and then there's junior year. 

Keep your eyes peeled! We're talking short time here! Meanwhile-- 

Ah. You know the drill: 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Editing Gets Furry Around Here...

So it's editing time. Damn the Topedoes, full speed ahea-- Oh.

Seems like someone decided it was time to get in my way. She's done this a few times, but usually when I was on the floor or on the bed, editing. This time, she climbed right up on the couch and got in my way.  

So, anyway. We're on our way with the new one. Success includes 47 out of 114 pages of hand edited page inputted (? is that even a word?) into the digital world. We're still finding our editing rhythm, but I think that we might have an idea of what needs to happen. 

"Welcome to Downing City" Faction Volume 2 is coming!!  Soon!

And with luck on your side, "The Natural Order of Things" Faction Vol 3 will be hot on it's tail

Ooh, how about WIP line, my treat? From "Bus", in Volume 2. I'm such a tease! 

“Don’t be so negative, Rowan,” Susan said.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but someone was just killed, stuffed with explosive and blown up,” Rachel said, not breaking her stride. “I think it’s OK if I say that we’re not on the upside of this fight.” 

Meanwhile, check out the Volume 1, where it all starts: 

Monday, January 28, 2013

What's Shaking

We've got two things you need to know: 

1. Still working diligently on "Welcome to Downing City"-- and just realized that I left the edited copy on the floor of the living room. Craaaaaaaaaaap. 

2. We have an updated copy of "Apathetic Avengers" coming soon. There are some typos that got away from me and it makes me sad that those imperfections wreck the flow of the book. My humblest apologies. I will let you know when it's up

...nook people, once this update rolls through the system, you'll automatically be able to download it. I don't know about you Kindle and Kobo peeps; I'll find out. 

Quick hello to our international visitors, as well! We don't know who all of you are, but thanks for coming along for the ride: UK, Germany, Russia, India, Ukraine, Aruba, Philippines and Australia (hi, Mike)!! 

Time for another teaser? I think so.

This is from "New Year's", in Vol 5, Truce:

“Fernwad, you’re a genius. Susan, do what he says! What’s the rest of your plan, Edgar?”
“Edgar smash?”

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Favorite Line of the Moment

Well, first thing is first. 

If you all remember that back in one of our earlier blogs, we mentioned how we structured the whole story: Year One, Part 1 and 2 and all that good stuff. Back then (what was that? late December? Because we've been at this SO long...) we said that Year One Part 2 would have 2 volumes. 

Well, Faithful Readers, apparently I can't keep my fingers in check and Simon can't stop his smart @$$ remarks, and we've written enough in the past four weeks that we are adding another volume. So Year One Part 2 will have Volumes 4, 5 and 6, and we hope not long after to have The Lost Stories Volumes following. 

Yeay us! 

On to some new features: 

We are going to introduce you to each of the major characters one at a time so that you get to know them better. We think that this will make it interesting for you to follow along with our characters as the make it through school and life and superheroing. That is coming up in the next week or so.

We're still writing, obviously, so once in a while we're going to post a line or interaction that we really, really liked, and tease you with it. Starting now. 

From Consumption, Vol 4: 

“You’re not going to die from a bullet, you’re going die from a biscuit.” 



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Secret Identity

Yeah, I totally stole the title from the old TV show. If you don't know about the old TV show, you're missing out on some quality Jerry O'Connell crap. Honest. Go YouTube it or something. 

At least we don't use AquaNet to propel our superheroes through the air. 


I've been following a few Indie Authors on Twitter. *waves* And I've noticed a humorous trend with nearly all of us. We tweet proudly and hashtag-fully about our stories, trying to find people who would enjoy our stories, or at least hit the blog. (I like big blogs and I cannot lie.) 

Then, a moment or a tweet later, there's a new tweet. About real life. 

-"Why would you put the marinated #artichokes with the leftover #Easter Candy? And why is there still #leftover Easter Candy?" 
-"Did you see that horrible dress on Big Celebrity on the red carpet? #barfaroni" 
-"I really don't like when people take credit for the report I just spent 2 days on #jerkusmaximus"
-"Time for a long hot bath. Yes, that will make me feel a little better, I think. #LazyDayOffWork"
-"Healthcare Company is a raging hemorrhoid #douchewaffle" 

...Ok, the last one is mine. 

So here we are on one post:
Come and check out #ApatheticAvenger- a #superhero story about #teenagers in #Iowa #YA #Nook #Kindle #kobo

And the next post is: 

OMG, what is up with the idiots in this office? #corporate #hell

I'm just starting to feel like you all are seeing my secret identity, or something. An accidental flash of the 'S' on my chest.

So be good with the information. Remember that I wear the mask to protect my friends and family and people in my Twitter Feed.

And please. #RT :) 

Smashwords for Kobo!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Let's Chat! with J. Rose Alexander

Welcome once again, loyal fans. Today, Simon has a few question for J. Rose, since turn-about is fair play.

Simon: Tell us about yourself?
J. Rose: I like cheese doodles and chocolate milk. At the same time.

Simon: Have you ever cried over something you’ve written?
J. Rose: Yes. mostly because it sucked like a vacuum in a 220 outlet.

Simon: What would the FBI say if they went over your google search history?
J. Rose: "Someone called J. Edgar, we got a live one here."

Simon: Who is your favorite Apathetic Avenger? Why?
J. Rose: Laura. No B-S, straight up kinda chick who would kill you as soon as save you.

Simon: Do you have any works that you're planning to publish solo?
J. Rose: Yes. As soon as we're solid with Volumes 2 thru 6, I'm going to do the spit and polish on one I have laying around.

Simon: What made you decide that you wanted to work on Faction?
J. Rose: I had about 8 other projects going at the same, there was some stress at work, which was technically a new job, I was suffering from some severe homesickness, my husband was still pretty messed up and there was the fact that we were living in a roach infested pit in Virginia, so I thought I would add a little more to the poop-pile. 

Simon: When do you consider a story “done”?
J. Rose: Well, the subtleties of writing allow for many stages of done. Much like the Lord of the Rings, which has several points at which the story is "done" (at last count, the movie has seven endings) While the bulk of the story is complete before Sam and Frodo are rescued by the Eagles (which, btw-- where the hell did those come from and why didn't they just fly them in?) there are loose ends that must be tied up as in any good story. So while the bulk of the work is done when I write the words "the end", the tough part of continuing life without my pointer finger begins and we start the clean up.

Hobbits are disgusting. You should try mopping that floor after breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies and luncheon while trying to get supper, tea and dinner ready. Ugh.

Simon: Why do you enjoy writing?
J. Rose: It's not so much enjoy as being compelled. And if I don't, I start calling my co-workers Edgar and Rachel.

Simon: Why can’t we have Megazords?
J. Rose: That's classified.

So there you have it. A little more, relatively speaking, about your authors. You should sit in on our conversations. We came up with a whole story idea because someone off-handedly mentioned that Edgar should be consuming about 40,000 calories a day.

We're going to head off for the weekend. We hope to have the next volumes up in the next two weeks, so keep an eye out!

Meanwhile, you know the drill:

Smashwords for Kobo!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Chat! with Simon Archibald

Welcome to our blog again, dear readers! In the spirit of sharing we have decided that it's imperative you know more about us, J. Rose and Simon. So, the reporter in J. Rose sat down with Simon and had a little chat. 

Ok, it was email. Sue us. 

J. Rose: Tell us about yourself?
Simon: I make mostly chicken barley or pork neck lentil soup.

J. RoseHow did you meet me? 
Simon:In the Kearny high cafeteria they had these amazing chocolate chip cookies that would be sitting all warm and melty on a tray. On many a cold day the children of school would skip lunch altogether and instead just grab 3 cookies and eat them in the hallways.

J. RoseHow did you come up with the Apathetic Avengers? 
Simon: “Come up?” What are you implying? These are important historical documents!

J. RoseWho is your favorite author? Why? 
Simon: Not a fair question and you know it.

J. RoseWho is your favorite Apathetic Avenger? Why?
Simon: Rachel Rae Hingis is funny, dangerous and my top pick in a conquer "alien civilization landing party" draft.

J. RoseWhy do you enjoy writing?
Simon: I can wear whatever pants I want while I do it. 
J. Rose: That was such a guy answer. 

J. Rose: What is your quest? 
Simon: I am currently scouring the earth for a copy of the After Hours score.

J. Rose: Do you have any works that you're planning to publish solo? 
Simon: No, but my good friend Aurora Zahni has a few things up her sleeve.

J. Rose: After you finish faction, do you forsee another collaboration with me, J. Rose?
Simon: Just about every single casual comment I make to you leads to notes for another project. You can try to run, try to hide, but the story traps have all been set. No escape.      
              FX: the sound of rattling chains can be heard... 

J. Rose: What is the air speed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow? 
Simon: 47 x 3.

I can't make this stuff up, people. I don't have to. You can see it right here on your screen. Have you ever tried to work with someone who can turn an off-the-cuff phrase like, "I don't think aliens drink milk" into a complex, mind-altering story? It's like working with a chipmunk or squirrel. He never shuts off. The notes we have.

My, God. The notes. 

Up next, Mr. Archibald interviews me. Yup. 

Meanwhile-- Take a look! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

So, you're not sure if "Apathetic Avengers" is for you.

Well first, welcome. Pull up a chair, have a seat. We'll talk. Tea? Twinkies?

You're not sure if you would like to read our masterpiece, Apathetic Avengers? Let's find out if it's a match for you! We'll start with some questions. 

Question 1:
Do you read?

Yes- Wonderful please continue.
No- I'm so sorry. Please, enjoy a twinkie.

Question 2: 

Are you able to read English?
Yes- Fantastic, we're on common grounds already!

No- We'll admit it, we're mystified how you've made it to question 2...

moving on.

Question 3: 
Were you ever a teenager?
Yes, I was-- Congrats. Glad you made it to adulthood. Therapy sessions are Monday and Thursday and we serve punch and cookies. 
Yes, I am- Hang on, man. You got just a few years until life doesn't seem to suck quite as much. 
No, Not yet- Might want to wait a few, then. Stuff's a little dark and a touch mature. 
No, never- Uh... I um... Are you from Jupiter or something?

Question 4: 
Do you enjoy a good adventure story? 
Yes- Nice! Keep going!
No- May I recommend The Oxford Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language instead?

and, lastly Question 5: 
Did you ever think it would be cool to have magic/powers/superpowers/a letter to Hogwarts/the Force? 
Yes- I sense we are kindred spirits! Read on!
No- May I recommend the Idiot's Guide to Aquariums? It certainly helped with my fish.

Well, you've made it this far! Wonderful, wonderful, we have many points in common. We've written this story for you, for people who need a little escape, who remember being (or are currently busy being) a teenager, and people who like to read. 

Are you still not convinced? Well here are some points to consider. First, it's only 126 pages. Really not that long, and when you divide that up into chapters, it's quite digestible. Second, it's on eBook and it's cheap. Really cheap. Like, $.99. Spend a buck, man. And third, if you're one of them old fashioned "books are only good on paper!" people, chill. It's coming; it takes a lot to do the print version. 

Still? You're still not convinced. Ok, well here. Here's an excerpt for you. Try it on for size:

“You didn’t just invite us out here to rip on us did you Hingis?” Edgar was already beginning to lose his patience.
“If I recall correctly, I didn’t invite you to jack, Ferngully. I invited my new bff Popejoy here for a little discussion of a certain Federal Agent who seems to know everything about us.” Edgar thought she was completely ready to dismiss him to another table. She shook her head, “But since you’re here and so eager to chat, let’s hear your take on the mysterious Agent Catton.” Rachel stared Edgar down, waiting for an answer.
“I dunno…,” Edgar shrugged. “He seems like the real deal, but I still don’t trust him. He didn’t really know all that much about me or whatever you-know-whats I may have, unlike Alex.” Edgar whispered the last part of the sentence.
“You-know-whats? Are you serious? You’re paranoid too?” Rachel chuckled. “For the last time, no one is listening or following us, so there is no need for euphemisms. And for the record, Catton knew everything about me, including all of my powers.”
As Rachel uttered the last word a dark figure appeared out of the corner of their vision, made a beeline for their table, grabbed Rachel’s limited edition Sesame Street tote bag and ran off towards the back of the theater building.
Hey!” Rachel exclaimed as she jumped up to give chase with Edgar and Alex right behind her. They chased the dark figure through the plaza and back out the door they had come in only a few minutes before. He was easy to spot in the not-so-dark twilight outside the small mall; he ran across the street to the strip mall and ducked between two buildings.
Rachel ran full tilt into the darkening alley way, screaming, “Gimme that bag back, you jerk!” Alex and Edgar found they actually had trouble keeping up with her she was running so fast. But it only took all of them an instant to realize following the thief into the alley was a bad idea.
All three of them pulled up short and looked around at where they were.
“Rachel, I’m sorry about your bag,” Alex said, backing up, “but I’ll replace it if we can just get the hell out of here.”
Rachel was reluctant. There were things in that bag, like a notebook of spells she had been looking up, as well as her pendant. There were house keys and all the money she currently had in a wallet. And, she liked that wallet. But the bad feeling was overwhelming and after a minute, she started to back up with Edgar and Alex. “Yeah, I think I can agree to that as long as you throw in a new wallet.”
“Deal,” Edgar said.
He backed into someone, who grabbed him by the shoulders. “Going somewhere kid?”
 And now you need to read it to find out what happens. 

See how that worked. Ha. So get a copy! 

Barnes and Noble- Nook ebook

Amazon- Kindle Store
Smashwords - for Kobo, Sony Reader and more!

We look forward to seeing you in Volume 2!