Tuesday, March 19, 2013

*Sniff sniff*... is that another Teaser?

Why, yes, yes it is. I'm evil. 

“You followed me.”
The words were quickly followed by books slamming on the table next to him. Edgar looked up and could see the fury in Rachel’s eyes. She yanked the chair out from the table and slammed herself into it, staring at him the whole time. “Well?”
“What?” Edgar finally asked.
She stuck her finger in his face. “You followed me, E-force,” she hissed. “Last night in East Downing. You called the cops.”
He took a bite of his sandwich. “I did. And I followed you the night before too.”
“This has nothing to do with you,” Rachel said.
“You’re in deep, Rachel,” Edgar said.
“Do not follow me, Ferngully,” she said, angrily.
He put his sandwich down and turned and looked at her. “If I hadn’t,” he said, “they never would have found the body.”


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Natural Order of Things

Ladies and Gents! 

We'd like to present the third book in our first set of volumes, available NOW! 

At some point, black and white starts to run to gray…

 Rachel Rae Hingis wants to save the whole world, starting with a tiny corner of Iowa where corruption and Accidentals run rampant.

 Edgar Fern wants to save the world, too, if he could just get Rachel to listen to him once in a while. Instead, he spends most of his masked avenger time saving her butt or getting her out of trouble.

 Rachel’s stubborn refusal to stick to the rules is becoming a liability, though, as she starts to become more vigilante than avenger. Edgar unwavering adherence to the law puts him in direct odds with Rachel’s noble if misguided mission. And when a little girl named Ginger becomes a victim of ISTH’s greed and corruption they find themselves fighting each other instead of the bad guys. 


And with this, we've completed our Year One, Part One Trilogy. We hope you enjoy the ride, and that you'll come back around for more adventures, just in time for summer vacation! We'll keep you posted and we'll keep posting to let you know what's up.

Read! Enjoy! Review! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Please Stand By...

Volume 3 is on deck! Keep your eyes open!

Those angels you heard earlier-- that was because I finally finished editing. Sorry if they woke the baby; it was necessary.

Coming Soon!