Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And that's a GO on Faction!

They're baaaaaaack!

Right now, on Amazon-- check it out. Reedited, expanded and improved, with all the smart ass you remember! 

It’s not easy being a teenager. . .

Especially when you have a
mask, a secret identity, and 
a lot of homework.

The only thing Rachel Hingis hated more than swimming was having to play well with others. Edgar Fern, nerd extraordinaire, couldn’t find anyone to play with. Life would have been just fine if they never crossed paths.

Instead, they collided.

The victims of an accidental experiment deep in the cornfields of Iowa, they and four others—Alex, Celeste, Laura, and Susan—were changed, and not necessarily for the better. As a mysterious and sinister group started to pick off the students, the six of them had a choice to make: 
become victims, or become heroes. 

The bumpy road to being a masked avenger is fraught with conflict, mystery, explosions—and Freezees.