Who is Faction?

The citizens of Red Bug and Downing City are lucky enough to have a group of superheroes who call themselves Faction. They protect the county and the City of Downing from crime and violence as well as helping the citizenry when they are in a dire situation. Still, they are only teenagers, and sometimes, teenager stuff happens to them.  

E-forceEdgar Fern – the defacto leader of Faction, known for his strength. A dedicated fan of comic books and World of Warcraft, he is talented artist, a bad story teller, and a full blown geek.

RowanRachel Hingis - One-quarter witch, three-quarters meh, she always wants to be somewhere else. Not a powerful witch, she learns everything she can about her powers on the internet. 

Satanic Mist – Alexander Popejoy – a nervous teenage scared of his own powers, he’s got a brave soul, but is terrified of the fairer sex and completely enamored of Rachel. His reddish colored mist that he exudes from any pore in his skin can knock anyone – including himself – out.

Chemical Avenger Celeste St. Cloud – a very bold, outgoing, popular cheerleader , she over-compensates for her severe case of Middle Child Syndrome. She can change anything into anything at the basic chemical level and often threatens to turn blood into pudding. 

Aether Susan “Skittles” Kaulfield – bright and cheerful, the personification of an eternal optimist and morning person. Member of the student government association and the Glee Club, she can control light and reflections.

Dead Calm – Laura Calmer – a dark and mysterious girl who jealously guards her past, she can calm with a touch, or kill with a grasp.

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