Friday, September 18, 2015

The Natural Order of Things

And we do kind of like to follow the order of things... with that--

The Natural Order of Things 

Releases July 21st! 

At some point, black and white starts to run to gray…

Rachel Rae Hingis would save the whole world, if she could. Instead, she’d settle for a tiny corner of Iowa where corruption and Accidentals run rampant.

Edgar Fern would save the world, too, if he could just get Rachel to listen to him once in a while. Instead, he spends most of his masked avenger time saving her butt or getting her out of trouble.

Edgar, Rachel, Alex, Celeste, Laura and Susan joined forces to save the their classmates at Red Bug Regional High School from a sinister group that was picking the students off one at a time. The team worked a little better than they had expected and now, they’re stuck… as the Apathetic Avengers.

But Rachel’s stubborn refusal to stick to rules is becoming a liability, as she starts to become more vigilante than avenger. Edgar unwavering adherence to the law puts him in direct odds with Rachel’s noble if misguided mission. And when a little girl named Ginger becomes a victim of ISTH’s greed and corruption they find themselves fighting each other instead of the bad guys.

(This book contain the re-edited versions of The Natural Order of Things and Ginger-- 
and the brand new story, The Short Directorship of Roger Mallard.) 

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