Thursday, June 27, 2013

Further Adventures!

Well, Simon and I are hopefully gearing up to get you another 3 volumes of Faction's Adventures soon! We have most of them written and we're just polishing off a last few of the stories. 

Good news for everyone who's old fashioned: we've decided that the prints of all three original volumes, Apathetic Avengers, Welcome to Downing City and The Natural Order of Things will be combined into a single volume! More bang for your buck, y'all! ...No, seriously. Those little prints are beaucoup bucks. So hold off, and give us a few to gather our wits on that one.

Meanwhile, Here's a little teaser from "Masked Accountant" in the currently-untitled Volume 6. 


“My other departments are knee-deep in utter disorganization. Requisition a locking filing cabinet for your headquarters and make sure that everyone put their documentation in it.” Lassard tapped the plastic report sheet on top of the papers. “I had originally planned to just show you what goes into funding and supporting you by showing you the numbers and organization that is required on this end. In essence, the work had been done already. But this… with the report and the itemization...  Well. With this, I should be able to requisition just about everything you need for the coming fiscal year. Including a funding increase for your team.”
“Really?” Rachel asked.
“You are not getting the megazord, Agent Hingis,” he said. “But I think I can get you the money for a new roof for your headquarters.”
Rachel slumped. “I’d rather the megazord.” 

Enjoy some Summer Reading!

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